Our Mission

One’s safety is the most important of all things. You can’t put a price on feeling safe or being safe. The safety of you and your family is of utmost importance to us.
Founded in 2020, Tactical Security Solutions is the self-defence and safety superstore located in Hermanus. We opened our doors to help members of the Hermanus community as well as surrounding areas to feel SAFE in their own homes.
We stock an array of products specially focusing on the 6 important areas of a person’s well
  • Security
  • Self-defence
  • Surveillance
  • Spy
  • Safety
  • Survival
These 6 important areas of Safety are what we specialise in. Our highly trained staff members have years of experience in self-defence and extensive knowledge of how to equip anybody to protect themself and their family members in any situation. Once in our store, you get to experience and take in all the knowledge conveyed by our staff members. We are confident that your attention to the 6 S’s will make a big difference in your and your loved ones security.

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